Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My first Canary

On the occasion of our 71st Independence Day as I jot down my words for the new post-i've realized how I have come a long way from looking in a mirror and I couldn't accept the reflection to be able to stand up for myself to my reflection. I don't completely feel positive a cent percent of the times and it's only human to feel in this way. I bring to you the latest label you would want to brag about and solve your everyday woes to occasion wear at extremely affordable prices.

I'm back with my shoulder-baring top shenanigans -well it is a story that's not going anywhere this 2017.I have honestly have been loving this trend so much that most of my seasonal must haves are these unspoken heroes that cover my jiggly arms and let me add highlighter to my shoulders. Win-Win situation I say.

What I absolutely liked about Nubella is that it hasn't lost its identity for clothing with this new surge of labels that want to cater to us plus size ladies in India. I would also go to the extent of saying that even though we do have a whole range of e-tailers making clothes available for us not everything has been designed keeping in mind the body shapes and kinds of curves we ladies come in. Although we are not a fruit and we can wear whatever we want to! There is an extremely helpful guide that helps us choose our clothes.

I chose a fun yellow ruffled top with my favourite trend. I paired it with my denim from Dorothy perkins and peep toes from Done by none. I love how simply the top is the star of  the outfit and I really didn't have to accessorize at all. Also, I haven't ever thought of yellow being my color, but honestly you can call me a convert now and would definitely see me in more yellows! You can find a fine tuned curation on their website, also have I told you about their useful blogs.It's well-versed blog on your everyday problems.This is definitely becoming my got to brand.Hope you like the post,do let me know how would you pair this top! 

Friday, 4 August 2017

A Shades of India Collaboration


Seen here on me is the Pokachi kurta with Digora pyjama.This features a beautiful abstract embroidery adorning the neckline and the glistening silk so light, I could practically live in this.
I have tried to keep the look minimal for both my outfit post and let the clothes speak louder than myself.

Textiles-Indian handlooms are a very new and adventurous avenue to me. The concept of handlooms has almost had a very vague sense of prevalence only to be seen occasionally in my mother or grandmother's closet. They sure seemed the pieces as a kid I got most attracted to but little have I known their importance up until now. Sustainability is in, and several brands are taking up sustainability in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. But what does sustainable fashion really mean? The term sustainability, like I, always discuss with my mate Sourav Das is a way of life -an approach. It is not a fad that shall fade away and I see the same reflection in Shades of India. I am still in the very process of learning and finding more of insights-more than the hard work & toil of weavers, more than the struggle stories and more than what the designers are doing to revive them. I no longer want to know a brand on their face value but how my clothes are made. I do long to adopt a Slow Fashion approach but not just for the heck of it. It is a process I shall imbibe slowly but steadily to incorporate in m y lifestyle.

I picked up The Shades Story from their website, you can read more in detail here

Shades of India is internationally known as one of India’s most creative textile companies. Led by Mandeep Nagi (Design Director) and David Housego (former UK journalist), the brand combines contemporary design with the inspiring workmanship of traditional craft. The uniqueness of its style lies in the texturing of fabrics, the coordination and contrasting of colors, and the inventive, unexpected use of surface treatment.
The company is acclaimed internationally for originality and inventiveness of its designs and has won various awards including best product awards at shows in Paris and New York. Mandeep Nagi, Design Director, has thrice won the Elle Decor Design Award in India for fabric.



I'm wearing another of their kurti from Romaskha collection, inspired Saint Petersburg city.Romashka is also the Russian name for Camomile- a flower and tea popularly available. Wearing the white set was honestly being in my comfort-a zone so unexplored and so unknown to me. I've always been the girl that would take more than a Lil pain if I wanted to explore the trend more and make it my own. Time and again it is so importantly inflicted how fashion has to be painful, uncomfortable-we may speak about chic comfortable clothing but how many time have designers, brands or retailers adhered to the idea of Comfort Chic. Being in this experience has given me a completely different purview of thing around me. TO me this is more than just another handloom label-the sincere effort reflects in each of their pieces. I was fortunate enough to try a few and wear them. The next goal really is to own a few key pieces in my closet.
I really hope you enjoyed this, I absolutely loved writing the piece. With a new keenness in my heart I take my farewell for now.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Breaking Myths With Afamado

I personally think there has been so much rue about what a Fat girl shouldn’t wear but time and again and we a plus size community have been trying to break the shell. It’s honestly very heartbreaking to see that as a community whose very members are we, levy such rules upon what to wear and what not to wear! The dress custom made by me defies all the rules that as plus size woman I’m supposed to be following.
The dress has my favorite trend off shoulder, a cinched waist, and a slit. I don’t want to be a hero but just normal person who wants to exists and do her own thing, eat what she likes, dress up as she likes and be  in this community just as anybody else.

One of the biggest style trends to emerge from  the very beginning  of summer 2016, without a doubt,  the off shoulder trend- is also  known by the name“Bardot  .” As a curvy girl, I remember baring my shoulders felt like a throwback to another time(being a vintage pinup fam), but also felt more comfortable sporting this trend.
To me these styles are flirty and the appeal lies in the fact that we can show skin but you got your upper arms covered. And that is a complete summer win for me. For colder weather, I would wear it with a button up plain shirt with prominent collars. 
You have seen me embrace the trend quite a few number of times on the blog.
It’s not hard to wear off-the-shoulder dresses – they make a statement on their own hence they really don’t need much else.

For this blog post, I have a beautiful geometrical print dress from Afamado. The dress is an off shoulder baby in Non stretch rayon woven fabric that can be either worn cinched or loose. The elastic on the shoulder and neck line enable a better fit. The dress was customized to my size and preference and that is what I loved about Afamado that ensures that each of its garment is made to the customers sizing’s.

For me my biggest accessory thanks to Sanky has become my Hair. We made it fun with tight curls. I have paired the dress with my pastel drop earrings from ALDO and block heels from Truffle Collection.

I really like the pop of color and the patterns of the dress. You can check out their curvy collection HERE and honestly these are all the dresses I would genuinely want to wear catering to different occasions.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Because Mother's know the best

Days when I absolutely nothing to wear I turn to my beloved abode of Maxis. I probably have a new add on every month. They are really my favorite and go to pieces in the wardrobe. I'm the kind of person when it comes to personal style that likes to flaunt a little skin here and there so when my mum got his maxi custom made I was like who is going to wear these curtains. Yes, those were my initial words to mum. Which is what mother dear took upon as a challenge and asked me to let her style this one post.

I share the most beautiful relation with my mother that shall have endless memories to each garment.We share a lot of our wardrobe 

"Shh! Trust me, pet
Mother knows best
Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there"
Recall these lines from one of the finest Disney movies yet?

So my mum had made me this button down shirt maxi, and after all the years of having it, I  asked my mum to finally take the task.I have literally dreaded to wear the dress for so long thinking of ways to style it.And out of nowhere, we thought the dress deserved a fair chance and well we kinda did it. This was shot in 15 minutes flat hair done expertly by Sanky in the driveway of course. Also if you know my bong mother she is big on flowers/plants everything real or fake - Which I completely endorse in this post.
I have so many exciting posts lined up, hope you are enjoying reading this and can take up some style inspirations for your everyday styles.
See you real soon XOxo 💋

So here the pictures of a very quickly styled post by my mother in cue with the location and footwear which I absolutely love. I have come to become a loyal fan to Truffle shows they really do make extremely comfortable heels. Let me know what do you think of the post?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Midi Tuck

I know of a time when I absolutely detested Midi and would get my mother to shorten anything-skirts, pants, denim. Come full circle and now I can't have enough of the midi trend. Midi skirts can be a little difficult to wear, especially if you haven’t found the right one for you but Like I speak for any other garment I say for the midi skirts too. One has to find their own pearl in the sea of choices especially with the length of the skirt. Today on Blog I'm exploring Amydus' s new collection -paring their Navy Print Chain Detail Cold Shoulder Top along with cotton blend & spandex.

With a tucked-in waist and body-accentuating shape, the midi skirt should be flattering length everyone, but the tiniest of styling deets can often get in the way of ace-ing this midi trend.
The right shoe can make your outfit and break the outfit and I've paired mine with midi block heels from Truffle Collection. The pointed toe not only adds length but is absolutely comfortable to wear throughout the day. I can visibly wear the outfit for work to hanging out with my ladies.

Choosing the unexpected  Prints to pair with the skirt is a good choice.
The cold shoulder top is a statement-making choice and is the perfect counterpoint to dreary monsoon days in Mumbai when paired with this skirt's lenght.

The gold chain detail makes our accessory look absolutely useless. One top and you are ready to work it! I would pair this with my Denim and Formal pants too! As for the skirt, I 'm working on more ways to show you the pairing probably in a later post.

Amydus has the most wearable collection available fulfilling your every day needs to formal & leisure wear. So if you are looking for your go to store for finds, Amydus is here for you. They have free shipping above 3 grand!
Stay Glued for the best in plus size fashion in India and let me know what do you think of this post, please?
Lovingly yours

Monday, 3 July 2017

Citrus Squeeze Lovin'

Today's blog post is the story of Us-Me,sanky and all the beings we find during our shoot!
We have Mr.B.Doggo and Ms. Pupper to give us the sweetest company during our time at the beach.
Cut to 5:45 a.m. We have ensured we hit every damn club within the stretch of Morjim to Candolim that night, bid all of our favorite bouncers a sweet good morning and practically driven back clueless (pantless too in Sanky's case) to our hostel. This little getaway was the first holiday we as a team took in years known to us. It's always been professional duties whenever we have traveled across the country. Needless to say, we wanted to make the best use of our time here. So here we are sleep deprived of the past 52 hours, sweating it ours on sea catch, tequilas and of course the most Lit cocktails the ever friendly bars of Goa had to offer.
My eyes are extremely puffy and my contacts well almost dissolved but here we are doing another blog post. I had to share every little but behind this shoot. The pictures wouldn't do nay justice without my muffin top  showing through or my extreme club myself the lovely creature we met at the beach(sans the creepy uncles in undies).

Albeit everything I start posing and look who decide to join us!


We had the toughest but also had a blast shooting this look.Which I have almost forgotten to credit for. The dress is thrift -an expensive but a beautiful find from the Goa markets, I'm sure you are pretty sure over my obsession with the H& M bikini by now, Earring by Eristona-doesn't everybody loves a good squeeze(get the title of the blog now?)

And my favorite companion by Forever 21. My hair's been braided into French plaits by sanky and  Nyx Moroccan slapped generously on my lips cheeks too! The only thing other than the lipstick is my Maybelline eyeliner-ignore my cockeyed pictures though.The contacts did really dissolve!

until Next time......